“La Pointe Dance Studio is a hidden gem in a city that has an overwhelming number of dance studios. We searched high and low for the right studio for our daughter, and from the first time we walked in, we loved LaPointe. You can feel, and see, that their focus is to teach students who love to dance. All of the amazing teachers share a strong passion for dance, and they are so positive and happy to be there. When we watch the year-end productions, we see that our daughter is part of a dance community, not just a class and all the students care about each other and support one another all the time. The professionalism and quality of dance is outstanding. We love everything about LaPointe!”



“Every year I am blown away by the Year End Production! Ms. Yael just seems to out-do herself every year and the result is an amazing and entertaining show. The dancers truly come together as a team and their hard work shows! I also absolutely loved watching my daughter work towards the goal of taking the exam. The discipline, commitment and determination that she has learned from Ms. Yael is truly amazing! Thank you so much! She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face the whole day after the exam!! She was so proud of herself. Thank you! I think you are an amazing teacher and very inspirational for the girls.”



“La Pointe Dance Studio has unique atmosphere of fun of dancing, combined with professionalism. Everything is special: teacher, parents, classes, exams, amazing theater shows and, of course, our kids. La Pointe kids are great dancers, confident performers and good friends. We stayed with La Pointe for 5 years and still continue, because once you entered, you can’t leave…”