Safer Studio Checklists


  • Get dressed for class at home and use the bathroom
  • Fill your water bottle at home
  • Don’t forget any props you may need for class!


  • Put on a mask
  • Enter at main door
  • Use hand sanitizer at the entrance
  • Place your outdoor shoes and jacked in a basket
  • Grab your basket and go to a marked spot in the waiting area
  • Put your dance shoes and get ready for class
  • Wait in the spot until you are called into the studio
    (enjoy talking to your friends in the meantime)


  • When called into the studio proceed inside one by one
  • Remove the mask if desired
  • Place your basket and other belonging in one of the storage cubicles
  • Go to a marked area inside the studio
  • Have a FUN class!


  • Get your basket and belongings and proceed to the carpet by the door
  • Put on your outdoor shoes and jacket and get your belongings
  • Return basket for sanitizing
  • Use hand sanitizer at the exit
  • Exit the studio through the studio exit door