• Twinkle Toes – Spring Tots dance class

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    Twinkle toes – Tots dance classes – Spring session

    April 8 – June 17 (no class April 22, May 20)

    1.5 – 2.5 year old

    40 min class.

    A fantastic parented, rhythmical dance class for boys and girls with a parent or a caregiver. Encouraging the development of rhythm, musical movement and imagination.

    Lessons incorporate fun props and musical instruments.

    Monday morning 10:30 – 11:10

    April 8 – June 17 (no class April 22, May 20)


    Trying to get a toddler to settle down is nearly impossible! This age group seems to always be jumping off the walls! At this point in development, 18 month olds have begun walking, and 2 year olds have officially mastered running! Dance classes, such as ballet class, benefits the development of coordination, strength, movement, motion and balance. The dance class for their age group utilizes multi-step movements that incorporate multiple muscle groups at the same time

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